Building Conservation forms the main canon of Ross’s work and often encompasses the other fields of masonry & carving. At its origin, the philosophy of conservation aims to “preserve as found” and to protect against the processes of weathering and decay. All projects are approached with this basic set of principles. The project is then informed according to a wide array of influencing factors that vary with each unique scenario. Good research is the foundation of a successful programme of conservation. Leading on from this; an evaluation into the buildings’ current condition is made, highlighting the root causes of any decay or structural problems that may be present. Additionally, an assessment of the buildings values is made. These may include; architectural, historical, artistic or cultural values and can affect the selected method of conservation.

Ross places particular importance into the study of historical working and design methods when deciding upon an appropriate and sensitive repair.

Practical conservation techniques range from monitoring and cleaning programmes through to repointing, stone replacement and structural repairs.


Repointing and stone replacement on a War Memorial, St. Mary’s Church, Selborne, Hampshire



Structural repairs to a Medieval, Inglenook fireplace, Headbourne Worthy, Hampshire




About Ross

Over the past fifteen years Ross has gathered a wealth of expertise and knowledge, working and training within the field of Building Conservation and with particular emphasis in the conservation of masonry buildings. 

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